Thursday, December 28, 2006


OK. I’m back… after a month long hiatus, I’ve run out of excuses and decided to get my feet back on the trail and get in some practice for next months ½ marathon in Phoenix.

First it was rain and then wind; back to rain and some fog. Poinsettias were part of my excuses as well. And all during this time I was snacking and enjoying the occasional comfort food meal. Hey! It’s winter time and a guy has to do what a guy has to do…and that’s eat.

I took of from my usual starting point at 1-Mile in Bidwell Park; hoping to do about 8 miles. The first mile went by pretty fast and then I started feeling the effects of those 4 weeks without training. Sigh! After about 4 miles I was ready to pack it in but decided to persevere. I ended up doing the 6.38 miles in 85 minutes. That works out to be 13.32 minute/miles. Not much to be proud of but since I was afraid I was getting into 14 minute territory, I was glad to see those results.

This was also a time for me to try out my new NB 767’s. They are a little lighter than I am used to; a good thing. They performed well enough for their first trip out, though I was starting to feel some aching in the sole of my left foot after the 5 mile mark. And since I was by myself and in some minor pain, I decided to use my favorite daydream to pass the time. That daydream involves my winning the lottery and all the variations on that theme can keep me happily involved for miles!

Here’s the best news of all…201.8 pounds! I think I will celebrate and have some Cheetos. I wonder what the caloric value of chittle is? (Chittle=the orange crud left on your fingers after eating Cheetos)

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