Friday, December 29, 2006

A little chilly, but...

Another day in the park. This time I was better prepared; wearing less clothing and I was much more comfortable. Shorts and 2 layers of shirts for the basics. I added a hat and gloves but those came off after the midpoint of my 10K walk.

I started off at a good pace despite the pain of sore muscles, knowing that the pain wouldn’t last. And after a mile or so I was feeling pretty good. Thank goodness for muscle memory! My racewalking stride returned and made the walk much easier.

The shoes were still comfortable and the path had been cleaned up from the day before. Yesterday, I had to watch where I was going as there were all sorts of broken limbs and small fragments of limbs scattered on the path. Those fragments roll quite easily if you step on them and one such “roller” had me floundering for a moment.

Overall, 10K in 80 minutes, a 12:88 minute/mile pace. Now let’s see where the weight is… 204? Darn. It must have been the maple scone and latte I enjoyed just before heading home.

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