Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Time's Up!

And I'm back...Well, you've heard that old saying, 'better than a jab with a sharp stick'? OK, I've had the jab with a sharp stick now and I would say that almost anything has to be better than that.

The good news, is that once they have identified the nerve that is hurting you (by making it hurt!) the rest of the procedure is simply OK. And short.

Now the recovery; I can expect two weeks of renewed pain because they have hurt the nerve and it's dying! And now that the Lidocaine has worn's definitely back!

Good news/bad news. The bad first; it takes up to three weeks for the effects to be felt. The good; it can last for at least three months and up to eighteen months...

As for myself, I am planning on doing some walking within 3 weeks. Just a mile or so at first and no racewalking. This will take awhile to get back into shape.

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