Saturday, October 18, 2008

I’m Back?

OK, I've been there and I've done that. That being a walk in the park. We drove to Bidwell where I planned on doing a one-mile walk at a comfortable pace, just to see what would happen.

We set off towards the ½ mile marker and I tried walking with a gait as close to normal as I could. But it wasn't very fast. It was also demoralizing as we were passed by people that I didn't consider fit 'looking'. A mistake on my part I'm sure. I watched runners and fast walkers with envy. And we returned to the car with a record breaking 22 minute/mile average. When I was racewalking I averaged 11 and sometimes 12 minute miles.

After a short amount of rest, we drove to the Farmer's Market and walked across the street and then up and down the two aisles before returning to the car. Maybe another ½ mile?

In any event, I have to say that the pain had increased, but it was still bearable. Now with a clear picture of that pain in my mind, I can go back to the doctor and report on it. Then we will see what he has to offer me.

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