Friday, February 19, 2010


Now, what has happened to me? I'm getting better! It's all very odd as I was still in pain and walking slowly when I went into the Lowe's store yesterday morning and by the time I came out, I was literally running! Without pain! Yes, the pain has come back briefly and lightly and I'm willing to deal with it because I'm getting better! I am in a time of awe and wonderment as I try to envision a life without that constant pain and the drugs to combat the pain.

I had a moment or two of weird thoughts as I came up with the idea of the 'Miracle of Lowe's. Why not? There is 'The Miracle at Lourdes' in France where the faithful come to be healed and buy water from the spring there. And just like Lourdes, I can see a pile of crutches, canes and wheelchairs by the front door at Lowe's, left there by those who were healed. Lowe's doesn't have a grotto and spring as Lourdes does, but they could just leave the water running at the drinking fountain in the back, near the restrooms.

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