Saturday, December 03, 2005

Back at it

I'm just back from a short walk in the park. I did a 5 mile walk and did it in 1:06...that would be a 13.2 minute/mile average, not my best effort. But I had a good excuse in that my right foot was still bothering me. I went out fast, doing the first 3 miles at an average of 4.9 mph and then I decided to save myself from any lasting damage and walked back in at a leisurely pace.

It was beautiful day, lots of sunshine and some frost. I think it was right around 33 degrees when I started and although I was wearing shorts and a light shirt, the fact that I had gloves and a wool watch cap on made for a very comfortable walk...except for the walk back when I had slowed down. That was when I felt the cold!

OK, that's a good start. Now I will take tomorrow off but will return to the park on Monday for a full circuit.

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