Friday, December 30, 2005


It’s raining again and so I know I won’t be out in Bidwell Park today. With this weather to contend with, the training has slowed to almost non-existent status. And I must report that my right foot is bothering me once again. I really need to find a good shoe for those times when I don’t want to wear a tennis shoe for daily wear. I have pretty much decided that it’s my favorite shoes that are causing the problem. These are old shoes that I used to wear all of the time when traveling and since they don’t have a metal arch support, they are suspect. (Metal would set off alarms at the airport and so I enjoyed wearing these shoes and walking right through security) Now it’s time for me shop around for a substitute pair of shoes. In the meantime I will need to go back to using ibuprofen to relieve the inflammation.

As I stated, I haven’t returned to my walking regimen and I need to do that soon. I think we have a marathon to do in March (Phoenix?) and I know we have the Bidwell Classic half marathon in March as well. I need to register for both of those events and that will help with the motivation process and get me out onto the pathways of Bidwell.

Odd…I could have sworn that the Valley of the Sun was a full marathon? The website now shows it as a half?

And here’s the full marathon link…Marathon Guide

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