Monday, March 20, 2006

Foot Notes

A good walk. I didn't take my GPS unit and I ignored the clock, yet I'm certain that I kept a 13 minute/mile pace for about 6 miles. The plan was for a longer walk, but the rain made the decision for me and I called it quits before I could do the planned 7 miles. The far ranging goals of making certain that my heart and lungs were working were met and that's important.

Chico Creek was running fast and high today. The water is clear; not the usual brownish runoff, but melted snow from the foothills. And where the bridge crosses Chico Creek, at 1-Mile, the water was flowing in a solid sheet over the splashing, just a thunderous roar as the water dropped over the side of the dam.

Oh, yes...the Foot Note. I'm losing another toenail. That's three gone with one on it's way back. Ugly. But, luckily there is no pain involved with losing a toenail. Only your vanity is affected.

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