Wednesday, January 21, 2009

More Dreams

I've been to the pain clinic once again and this time I had an injection of corticosteroids into the SI joint space on the right side. Ouch! The plan as I now understand it, will be for me to recuperate overnight and then proceed to live normally. (normal? Hah!) In one week I will report back to the clinic and discuss what we will do for Plan B if the pain has not been relieved. Right now, I think Plan B will become a reality.

At this point, my dreams of another marathon seem like just that…dreams. But – I'm always a little bit down after a visit to the clinic. I may awake tomorrow with an entirely different outlook. And my dreams renewed.

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David said...

Bummer Steve, I too deal with chronic pain, given that I am a Kaiser patient that means lots of narcotics. I hope you are well in all other respects.