Monday, March 05, 2007

Official Results

OK, the Bidwell times are now posted and I did the half in 2:55:08.3 with a pace of 13.22 minute/miles. Phoenix was completed in 2:54:45, so I slipped a little. Yes, I beat a few people but look at the times of those race walkers who beat me. And if you look at the 5K results, you can see that a 35 or 37 minute finish for a race walker puts them in a respectable place among the finishers. So why should I bother doing a half marathon? Almost 3 hours in the heat and you get a cup of cold coffee and a cookie…oh, I forgot; you get a t-shirt as well.

Yes, it’s true…it’s all about the food!

What is the plan now? I guess I will start doing 5 milers; that's up to Manzanita and a return to One Mile. With a constant training diet of fast 5 mile walks...a 5K will be easy and a 10K will a slight strain. The goal will be to do the walk in one hour.

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