Saturday, March 03, 2007

Over and Done With

OK, it’s over and I did as well as could be expected. Maybe even better. According to my watch; I had a 2:54 time. (13.28 minute/mile) I’m sure I can find the official results tomorrow on the CRC website.

But…I think it’s my last half marathon. At the very least, it’s the last Bidwell Classic ½ marathon. No, I wasn’t last, but it certainly felt like it. Because the 5K walk is now included in the days activities, those who might have walked the ½ marathon decided to do the 5K instead. That meant that I spent the last 7 miles with no competition at all. Not a soul around me. And it’s hard enough being out there and giving your all, but with no one to even see you or talk to you…it’s pretty depressing. Before the race, I looked around for a face I knew and I spotted a couple of people from Sierra Race Walkers, but they didn’t remember me.

Anyway, back to the race. I started off fairly fast, doing the first two miles with an average of 12.3 minute miles. That’s too fast and so I slowed it down to a 4.5 mph average. After an hour had gone by, I knew I was not going to enjoy this race; there were only 2 or 3 people anywhere near me and they were all runners. I had already passed all of the very slow runners and would never see them again.

I kept the 4.5 average until mile 9 and then it slipped to 4.4 and there it remained for the rest of the race. I crossed the finish line when the race clock was showing 2:59 and some seconds. Our group had started 5 minutes later and so I’m assuming that my official time will also show a 2:54+ time for me.

And I arrived just in time to see them taking down the banners and packing up the supplies. There were a few cookies and some apples left, but not a whole lot to choose from. I grabbed some cookies and a cup of coffee and made my way back to the car. Race over.

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