Tuesday, May 05, 2009


Did I mention that I've been losing weight? About eleven pounds in the last month. From April 9th (225#) to May 2nd (214#). And all from reducing portion size. And some caution when it comes to high calorie foods. Since I can't exercise right now, portion control is my only option to get the weight off. It's a slower way to lose weight, just a little over two pounds per week, but it works. An example was our dinner on Saturday; I cooked two skinless chicken breasts for us with a tasty baked coating of bread crumbs, parmesan cheese and mayo. We ate ½ a breast each and saved the remainder for Sunday night. I almost always ate a whole chicken breast before embarking on this.

My motivation for the weight loss is the fact that my increased weight has to be hastening the deterioration of my lumbar/sacral vertebrae and I know it will help my recovery after the planned surgery.

Looking back to when I first became aware of the Lumbar Stenosis pain; (end of December…2007) it was during that period when I first began to train and I was 20 pounds overweight from all of the holiday meals. I should have known better. Racewalking, or running, should only be attempted when you are within your target weight. Besides, exercise like that doesn't take off pounds as fast as dieting does. And you're risking your health when doing strenuous exercising while overweight.

I don't know if I could have avoided the Stenosis problem altogether if I had been in better shape when I first began to train; arthritic bone growth can't be denied, but I bet I could have gone a longer time without pain and that would have been nice!

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