Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Getting Closer

Life goes on. I've had my morning fun with Boo the Cat and made sure that I didn't bend too fast or anything foolish like that. Which I did yesterday and turned it into a very bad day! Apparently the best way to start the morning is to make no sudden moves. No bending. No stooping. Move slowly; like an old man. OK, it's not fun but it does save on the early morning pain. No wonder the old guys like it! But what is disturbing to me is the fact that no matter which way I move or how slowly, I can feel the pain just waiting for me to make a mistake. It's just a dull ache right now; a sort of tension in my right hip and leg. I know, absolutely, that if I make the wrong move, the pain will descend on me like an angry bear! So I sit…carefully.

And I wait. It's just 3 weeks till the day of my surgery. A surgery I'm so looking forward to! I'm even entertaining thoughts of racing again. OK, maybe not, but I can dream. I still subscribe to a couple of running magazines just because they are so uplifting to read. Although, I have never been a runner; I've always been a racewalker, but there aren't any good racewalking magazines so I make do with the next best thing. It's all about the race anyway. Not a race with others, but a race with yourself. That's what I've always loved about the marathons and half marathons; you're all alone in that crowd. It's all about your mind and your body. That's your competition…and the running magazines capture that feeling quite well.

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