Thursday, September 21, 2006

Dark Mornings

It's that time of year...dark in the morning and staying dark longer. It's about 9 weeks now before we see a change back to Standard Time and then the morning's will be more enjoyable. (Is that right? 9 weeks? End of October?) I will be in the park this morning about 6:45 and it will be semi-dark, but light enough for a training walk.

My plan is to train through this and the next week and stop on Thursday, 3 days before the marathon. I am not doing any more long walks (over 15 miles) and will try to concentrate on speed.

I'm feeling good about my training and that's important...all marathons require a good "mental" preparation as well. And it looks like my black toenail will stay on for the race. Last year at this time, it had just fallen off and I was worried that it might bother me during the race. It didn't.

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