Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Highs and Lows

Not a bad walk…short but fast enough. I did 3.29 miles in 41 minutes and that’s a 12.5 minute/mile; good enough to get the heart pumping as needed. My original plan was to spend a little time in training while we were in Santa Fe; the condo was supposed to be about 5 blocks from the Plaza and I imagined that I would arise early and walk down there for a coffee before anyone else was awake. I hadn’t counted on the fact that the condo was at the top of a steep hill, a very steep hill! And walking real fast at 7,000 feet was pretty much impossible for this guy. I did a couple of short walks from the office, where I picked up the morning paper, back up the hill to our rooms and those walks had me puffing; and I’m in good shape…

And more good news…my weight this morning is 194.6; after a long weekend of eating some rich foods. Feeling good!

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