Thursday, October 12, 2006

Counting Calories

Day two of the new training schedule went well. I did the same two miles but I ran the first mile, walked a half mile and then ran the last half. All in 21:30. Certainly not the fastest, but it was surprisingly easier than yesterdays effort. I definitely use more oxygen when running and that will require some training effort to accommodate. And this afternoon I noted some aches and pains in leg muscles where I have never felt them before.

But, overall I’m in good enough shape so that none of this training will cause me to be crippled for life…just a few new sore muscles to contend with.

A benefit; for some reason, when I switched to a racewalking stride at the mile marker, I was suddenly faster and smoother than I have been in a long time. Why is that?

I’m back up to 197 pounds, but it should come off easily now that I’m back on track with the abbreviated training schedule. The fact is, I can’t take a week off of training without gaining some weight…unless I reduce the caloric intake. Simple; but oh, so difficult!

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