Friday, June 09, 2006

Faster yet

A great day in the park as I ended up moving much faster than planned.

After getting past the construction without too much hassle, I arrived at the park about 6:30. My plan was to see how I felt before deciding on a distance, but do a fast walk, whatever the distance. I started off by walking in the opposite direction, just for something different to do. And I noted that by the 2-mile mark, I was already up to 5.1 mph. OK, so “fast” was definitely in.

I kept it up and by the 4-mile mark I had a time of 47:34; that kind of time was giving me 11:83 minute/miles and was a little over one minute faster than I had been able to do in the 4-mile race a week ago.

With nothing better to do…why not go all out and see how fast I could do the 6.25 mile course? And I completed it in 1:17. That’s good!

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