Thursday, June 01, 2006


Is there anything worse than a solo race against the clock? For some reason I dread the short workout races where I have to “beat the clock”. So I was less than enthused about a planned 3 mile (5K) walk this morning. And as soon as I started, the mental war began…”you’re really slow this morning!” and “Give it up! No one will know.” But I persevered and went the distance in 35:42, which is under 12 minute/miles. So if I do all the math, that works out to a possible 12.1? minute/mile for the 5K…or a 5K in 37 minutes? The math eludes me but I like the time. The last time I did a 5K I did it in 37:49, so it is an improvement.

Weight 202  BP is 123/58 and pulse is 59.

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