Wednesday, June 14, 2006

On our way

It’s been a couple of days now since my last racewalking practice and so I should go to the park this morning and get in a short and fast walk, maybe 3 miles and try to hit under 12 minute/miles. Then it will be time to check and re-check my supplies before packing for the trip to Anchorage. Although, I’m sure I will be able to find anything I need or forgot once we are there. There is usually a large selection of running and walking gear present at the check-in site.

I checked the marathon website once more and found that our hotel is about ½ a mile away from the starting line. And I read this…“The marathon event is 26.2 miles in length beginning at Bartlett High School and traveling through the eastern foothills and across Anchorage to the West High School finish line. Scenic city bike trails, gravel, rocky, and paved roadways make up this gently rolling to extended downhill course.”  Let’s see now; trails, gravel and rocky? I’m not sure how much I will like that…but I do like the words, “downhill course”.

Last week I read that the city of Anchorage is experiencing some problems with their resident moose population. They like to eat the spring gardens. Two to three hundred moose call the Anchorage basin their home and there is a good chance we will see one or two as we make our way through some of the parks on the route of the marathon. Now that would be cool!

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