Thursday, April 13, 2006

Suns Out!

A good day; a sunny day! You couldn’t ask for a nicer day! OK, enough already. Now, about the walking; I started off a little bit later in the day than usual and wondered if that was the reason for my slow pace. I couldn’t get past 4.3 mph. (13.95 minute/mile) I was struggling for some reason. Then I saw Lin Jensen, the other Chico race walker, coming towards me. We greeted each other and then he turned around to walk with me for a moment while telling me that there was a 21 mile power walk in Santa Cruz coming up soon. I thanked him as he turned to leave and then I turned and walked a little ways with him, explaining that I was signed up for a couple of marathons in the next few months. Again we waved and I returned to my task of getting around the park in as few minutes as possible. And I was still slow…and disappointed.

I kept pushing and pretty soon I was up to 4.4 (13.63 minute/mile) but at the end of one circuit (6.25 miles) I hadn’t advanced beyond the 4.4 pace. OK, I had to push harder and I was rewarded by seeing my pace increase. At the end of nine miles I was averaging 4.6 mph, (13.04 minute/mile) a respectable number. And that means that I had to have been walking in the 12.5 range for the last 3 miles.

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