Saturday, May 06, 2006

Almost There!

Jill and I are heading to the coast later this morning, en route to our latest marathon adventure, the Avenue of the Giants 26 miler. Since it’s going to be a walk in the redwood forests of Humboldt County, it’s also going to be a very scenic and cool marathon. (65°) And it comes with a medal and t-shirt reward for the finishers. We love our rewards!  

This is going to be a much different experience from that of the Portland marathon. Instead of participants numbering in the thousands, we’ll see only hundreds. And no large crowds to cheer us on…only the giant redwoods to watch us pass by.

I think we’re prepared for the race; mentally if not physically. I had a couple of down days last week where I wasn’t sure that I even wanted to do it? But now that the day is almost here, I’m excited about it once again. As I’ve said before, marathons are mostly a mental exercise.

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