Thursday, May 11, 2006


I’m just back from a long walk (10 miles) at the park. I did it in 125 minutes and that means 12.5 minute/miles. Now does that sound like a guy that couldn’t get a marathon completed in less than 14.5 minute miles, just 3 days ago? OK, I’m just trying to make sense of it and I know I wasn’t 100% ready for the distance, but I was even less prepared for the course itself. Final word: The Avenue of the Giants marathon is not for racewalkers. If you’re a fitness walker, you should do this marathon and do it in 7 hours or more. Enjoy the view…I didn’t. And bring your own food for the end of the race.

I did enjoy the earlier hour at the park; a lot less people to contend with and so I will try that tomorrow, getting there a little after 6.

Statistics: I just checked my weight and I’m at 205. Now let’s see what my BP and pulse are. 116/67 and 64. Not bad at all. I’m not in the best of shape but I’m not that bad either.

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