Friday, July 07, 2006

Foolish Move

What was I thinking? With a little over 2 weeks of inactivity following the marathon, I decide to go for a very fast 3 miler. And I decide to do it in Susanville,at 4,500 feet and in the afternoon when the heat is up around 90. Ego, of course.

With Jill and her 3 marathon trainees, we started up the Bizz Johnson trail and I was determined to stay in front. And at the halfway point I had a solid 12 minute mile average. In the only wise move of the afternoon, I decided to slow down on the return trip.

OK, next week I have to get back into serious training and not this spur of the moment stuff, it can kill you!

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Anonymous said...

Yes, isn't ego a great thing. This afternoon my trainees were race walking on the nice paved trail behind the little league field. All 4 of us race walked the first mile in 12:40. I was really excited on how well we were starting out on our 5 mile course. Once we got up to a spot on the trail were we can see a ways ahead of us the girls spotted their cross country/youth group friends. Of course it was cross-country practice and they were running. Once they spotted their friends their "ego" told them that race walking was not a difficult enough feat so we are going to pretend to be runners. I couldn't help but laugh. Ego, what power it has on us.
Love You Dad :)