Thursday, July 27, 2006

Art or?

A good one! No, I didn't do the practice session I started out to do. I had plans for an 8 miler and ended up doing the usual 6.25. But I did it fast! Completing the circuit in 78 minutes and that is 12.48 minute/miles.

I started out slow and I immediately began my mental whining..."It's too hot. I'm too slow. My pace is off." Finally I tired of listening to myself and began to get serious about walking a fast pace. Mph went from 4.5 to 4.8 and I was closing in on 4.9 when I decided that was enough.

Maybe I can do a 14 miler on Saturday, early. There are just a little over 2 months left before the final two marathons of the year and I need to be in good shape for them.

And speaking of marathons...Jill and I are thinking about collecting some serious mementos of our marathons. Tattoos. Here's the image I came up with (on the left). It's from the Portland Marathon icon, though I have altered it a little bit. And these images (one for each marathon) would fit on the calf. I think I have room for at least a dozen! I only qualify for 4 right now but I should need 2 more after October 8th.


Kitty said...

I like the tattoo idea you chose. Right up your leg, huh? Maybe encircling your ankle and the more marathons the more rings of little runners? Anyway, I like it. Will it be red?

Steven said...

Yeah, I think red would be right, but with a blue outline. Jill; wants small ones on her foot. Shy?