Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Plan

I did the fast and early training plan this morning; getting in 8 miles at an average speed of 4.9 mph. At that point I decided that there was no reason to set any records and slowed down for my return to the car. That turned out to be a total of 9.75 miles in exactly 2 hours; an average 12.31 minute/miles. (4.8 mph)

The humidity was more of the factor than the heat and I was soaked through and through. But the good news was that I felt fine and could have gone further. My feet were no longer an issue and energy levels seemed good. And my hands weren’t swollen at all, so salt intake was at normal levels.

Let’s see what the statistics show… Weight: 195.4! BP: 119/68 Pulse: 71. All good!

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