Tuesday, July 11, 2006


The training begins once again. And once again my shoes are bothering me. What’s up with that? It’s the same shoes that I wore in Anchorage for the marathon and I had no problem with them.

It‘s my left foot and I did get a few rocks in my shoes last Friday, during our trail walk. I remember that I found a large hole in the heel of that left foot sock afterwards, and I had to throw that pair away. Apparently I must have damaged my heel slightly and so I need to get some padding for it before it gets worse. This morning, even with a bandage, I had blood on my sock afterwards.

OK, it was just a 6.25 mile walk and at a 12.8 minute/mile pace. But I felt like it was slow motion. I had no “oomph!” at all. I had no breathing problems and I wasn’t even sweating that much. And the shoe problems weren’t the reason for the slow time. Whatever it was, I need to work it out and get on with the training. The Portland and Susanville marathons are up next!

Have you ever thought about walking a marathon? Just a vague and fleeting thought? If so, then you need to read 26.2: Marathon Stories. I get charged up every time I pick up the book and read a little bit of it. This is a book that I will read and read…over and again. True, it’s about running and the author neglects the racewalkers altogether, while including wheelchair participants. But that’s OK; the book is more about the experience than it is on technique.


Kitty said...

I have thought about participating in a marathon, but training in this desert heat is out of the question. When the mornings are cool enough I like to walk, but that only covers about 7 months of the year. I know,"excuses, excuses"!

Steven said...

Yep! Excuses... What about an early hour for those summer months? And maybe find some marathon walkers in the area and ask them how they do it? Misery loves company!