Friday, February 10, 2006


Well, not much...I did the circuit in just under 84 minutes and that is an improvement. (13.44)

I had to begin the walk with my hands tucked into my sleeves, but my ears were toasty warm...Thanks Kitty & Dean! In fact, I had to pull the ear warmers off after a few miles and let my ears flap in the breeze to cool off.

And I ran into one of those dogs who shouldn't allow his master in the park. One man was leading two dogs on leashes and the other man's dog (no leash) began to circle the trio. The clueless gentleman kept calling his dog, who now had the trio all tied up in leashes...but the dog was ignoring him. You might have thought that the clueless one would walk over and separate the dog from the mess he had created, but no...he simply continued to call the dog, "Here Howie!" "Please, Howie!"

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