Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Tuesday is here and all seems to be well. My body didn’t fall apart after a good workout yesterday and so I will do it again this morning. It’s a little less than 3 weeks to the running of the Bidwell Classic ½ Marathon and I hope to be in shape for it. I won’t embarrass myself; that I know. But I want to make myself proud as well.

Yesterday, I spent a few hours at the Orland Library conducting a survey of the patrons. Boring! I had to ask each person coming in the door whether or not they lived in the city of Orland, or did they live in the county? Perhaps out of the county? Since the day was nice, I did most of my interviewing in the vestibule…it was cooler. And while I was there, I spotted a notice for the 24th running of the Almond Blossom 10 & 5k races in Durham on the 18th of February. T-shirts and medals for age divisions…sounds good to me and the timing is perfect; just two weeks before the Classic. Let’s see now, 5k is ??? OK, one kilometer is .62137 of a mile so I multiply that by 5 to get 3.10685 miles. And I should be able to racewalk that distance in about 40 minutes. I know I should be faster, so I will aim for 36 minutes.


Beefy said...

You sound like a morning person. Power to ya' - good luck in the 3 miles!

Anonymous said...

That is the first day of watercolor class.

Steven said...