Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Ugly was the right word for it. I couldn’t get going this morning. First, I was a little slow getting on the road this morning and then once I arrived at the park and hit the pathway…I slowed down even more. Was it because it was cold and I decided to leave the long pants on? Or was it the sweatshirt? My ears were warm and at one point, it felt as if that was the only warm part of me, no matter how hard I tried to gain some speed. I finally told myself to hang on for 2.3 miles out and 2.3 back. Which I did in 65 minutes. And that equals 14.13 minute miles. Oh, terrible!

Tomorrow is supposed to be even colder, 29 degrees, but I’m going to avoid the sweatshirt. I think that was the culprit.

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