Friday, February 17, 2006

Not the best of days

I arrived at the park with the best of intentions. It all went downhill from there. Figuratively. Here's a photo of the parking area where I start.Not many people here at 7:30 I started out fine, but then noticed that my right heel was being rubbed, so I stopped and adjusted my laces. After a few more minutes, my foot felt cramped by the laces so I loosened them a little. That only started the heel rubbing syndrome again. What was the matter? I wore these shoes yesterday without a problem? Well, I persevered and finally ended up doing about 4 miles total before I decided it was too close to race time (tomorrow) for me to be fooling around with a possible blister. I headed back to the car and then took the time to shoot a few more's the swimming pool at 1-Mile. No one seems to be taking advantage of it?
And here's a shot of the creek as it enters the swimming pool...

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