Wednesday, October 12, 2005

More walking

The search for more walker friendly marathons goes on. Surprisingly, there aren't that many. Walker friendly means an open course time of at least 7 hours, and not that many cities want to close streets for that long of a time, even on a Sunday. Portland has an 8 hour open course and re-routes those walkers who are at a 7 hour pace. But Portland looks at the marathon as an opportunity, not a task. They make $13 million on the race and over half of that comes from walkers.

I see Phoenix, Fargo and San Diego in my future...they have the kind of marathons I think I'm going to like. Reno has a marathon, but it's a runners race...too bad. And next year around this time, it's our plan to do Portland one week and Susanville the next. Two marathons in 7 days is the plan.

So this means that I will need to get back out on the road and continue the practice...January 15th is coming quickly and that means the Arizona Rock and Roll marathon!

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