Friday, October 14, 2005

Racewalking Humor

I ran across these recently...
Racewalking is a Hip Sport.
Racewalkers are Hip People.
Actual Atlanta Racewalk T-shirt (can be ordered by calling said number): On the front: "RACEWALKING: THE HIP WAY TO WALK" On the back, it says, "How is my Walking? Call 404-847-WALK."
Racewalkers Do It With Technique!! -- With one foot on the ground at all times!
"Runners who racewalk run faster"
"Racewalking: the benefits of running without the injuries"
"It's OK. I think RUNNERS look funny"
"Are you going to let a walker beat you?"
"I love to run" (with "run" struck through a "racewalk" written below it)
"If I'm walking 'as fast as' you're running, how come I just passed you?"
"The World Record for the 20 km RACEWALK is 1:17:25 -- You can't even bike that fast!"

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