Tuesday, August 29, 2006

How Far?

The walk went well, especially since I now know how far Point B is from Point A. I started off at a nice moderate pace and then decided to see how far I could go at that pace. I did the first mile at a 12:48 pace and the first milestone (1.64 miles) in 20.5 minutes. (12.5) I did the 5K distance in 38.5 minutes and then it was all downhill to my first lap. (12.93 minute/mile) Going around for the second time I felt good so I decided to keep up the pace and see how far I could go without falling below 4.5 mph. At the 10.41 mile marker I decided to give it a rest and slow it down for the remaining few miles. At that point I was maintaining a 12.97 minute/mile average…not bad for 10 and a half miles. Even with a slower pace, I finished 11.66 miles in 2:33:30, a 13.11 minute/mile average. I’m OK with that!

I should mention the socks…I bought some Adidas socks at Mervyn’s. They are short and the wicking kind and they have been great. I need to buy some more…

BP 114/60 Pulse 63 and weight is 197.4

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