Tuesday, August 22, 2006


I just returned from a different kind of walk. I had taken the VW in to the dealer this morning and when he told me it might be 3 hours or more before they would finish with it, I decided to walk until they called me. So I set off and crossed through downtown Chico on my way to the park. I knew I wasn’t going to set any speed records today so I waited patiently at the signals and didn’t stress myself over the delays.

Once I reached the park I set a nice and easy pace, 4.1 mph, a 14.48 minute/mile average…including the stops for traffic. And I kept it up for 3 hours and 27 minutes.

BP 128/58 Pulse 53 and weight 196.6

My plan for the day hadn’t included a half marathon+ distance…but if it helps with the training, I’m all for it!

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