Thursday, August 10, 2006

A Pain!

Today was a day for some endurance training; longer distance and slower speeds. The final results were; not accurate but close, 1:59 minutes and 8.83 miles. That gives me statistics like this; 13.48 minutes per mile, or 4.45 miles per hour.

I was keeping a faster pace (4.5 mph) until about 7.5 miles and then I started getting a pain in the gluteus muscles and that slowed me down some. So it seems that I need to work on my endurance training even more than usual.

Sights in the park: I was passed by a leaf brushing, dirt and diesel spewing sweeper about 7:30. Isn’t there a better time to do that? I know, I know…if it wasn’t me that was being offended, then it would be someone else. And the swimming hole at One-Mile was drained while sweepers cleaned that in preparation for the weekend crowds. Also saw a few trees that had lost limbs.

I forgot to mention that the last time I walked through the pool area on a Monday morning, the scene was disgusting! Litter was everywhere. The same kind of trash could be seen at the swimming hole near Manzanita.

Vitals…BP 11/63 Pulse 61 and weight is 195.2

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